• Making off...

    ...a look behind the scenes of the manufactory

  • Handpicked

    Here beginns the sound

  • Symbiosis

    Of sound and aesthetics

  • Unikate

    Exclusively in handwork

  • Method of construction

    Traditional style

The Claim

In his compact little production shop in Munich, Markus Koch produces guitars of the highest possible quality – all exclusively by hand of course. Each instrument receives the attention it demands. After construction the instrument is still far from ready, only now does the fine tuning begin, and it will take several weeks to complete.

With Dobro construction in particular, for example, as a matter of course the new cones must be stressed for about four months before installation, so they don't sink later on in the finished instrument. This is important and ensures the best possible tone stability, in order to maintain the fine tuning.

Markus Koch, on the steel guitar himself, creates and produces only high end instruments from a musician's perspective, whose construction is based on long years of studies and research. The art is in knowing how they will sound later before construction begins. With much attention to detail, the absolute best is elaborated from all materials

The Philosophy

An instrument is not a purely functional object with which one generates the best possible sounds, but rather it is all about love, passion and bonding.

Aesthetic and beauty have an influence on how a musician receives their instrument and operates it, and it is precisely this inner attitude that benefits their musical career.