A n instrument can only claim true class when it opens up new paths to sound aesthetic for the musician, inspires them, and when they can discover it anew every day. Such an instrument is the sum of many details, which must be perfectly harmonized with one another.

In my compact little production shop in Munich, I produce guitars of the highest possible quality (Resonator guitars, western guitars, gypsy guitars, weissenborn guitars) – all exclusively by hand of course.

I combine stylish design with unique sound. I place the greatest value on first-class tonewoods, premium components, the very best workmanship and the individual requirements of each individual musician.

This then, dear steel guitar friends, is where my work begins!

Truly unique instruments

Each and every Markus Koch Guitar is a genuine unicum with completely individual characteristics.

True craftsmanship demands much attention to detail and the greatest possible care and accuracy.
(Photo: Squareneck Dobro / Spiderbridge Bubinga)

As a musician and creative mind in production, with every new instrument I create an exceptional sound experience. Unique pieces are produced in my close cooperation with other artists. Anyone who has already played an original Markus Koch Guitar knows what an experience it is to play an instrument in perfect symbiosis.

 The Dobro Resonator Guitar in particular must allow itself to be played both softly, gently and with feeling ..., as well as loud, powerfully and piercingly. Experience shows, however, that guitars that sound good at home, fail completely in a music session, as they cannot hold their own alongside banjos and mandolins. The sound level alone is not sufficient here; the thickness of the sound is also required to be able to penetrate, without losing brilliance and volume as it does – such sound diversity can only be achieved with top quality instruments.

Do you already own an instrument with this level of quality? I'll be only too happy to keep it in shape!

Happy clicking! Those who, like myself, prefer a personal chat, are very welcome to contact me directly – and of course one and all are cordially invited to "test play".